Local Impact

Our goal is to impact secular Washington with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. 


Click on the icons below for more information on our local ministries.






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Body and Soul
Reaching people through fitness classes

Career Network Ministry
Support for those in career transition

Transforming lives into Godly members of society

The Clothing Shop
Providing free clothing and the Gospel to those in need

Outreach ministry in Lincoln Heights

The Entrepreneur's Journey
Educating small business owners

Excellent Living Radio
Weekly Christian radio program for women

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Jews for Jesus
The bible from a Jewish perspective
   Lazarus Computer Ministry
New hope in a world of technology
   MBC Jail and Prison Ministry
Christian support in local jails
  MBC Nursing Home and Assisted Living Ministry   
Operation Kindness
Military Ministry
Care packages to service men and women
  On His Road
Christian fellowship for motorcycle community
   On His Course
Christian fellowship for golfers

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International Fellowships
      PowerShift 2024
Community for sports car and racing enthusiasts
  The Shepherd's Food Pantry
Short term food support to those in need
  The House DC
Opportunity for inner city youth to connect to Christ
   English for Speakers of Other Languages   Chinese, Farsi, and Spanish